What is Hypoxi and How Does it Work?

What's your dream body?

Hypoxi can help you fit into a smaller dress size for your wedding, lose a few pounds for summer, and even help you stay toned and fit with minimal effort. Traditional weight-loss strategies are exercise-centric and require hour-long gym sessions of heavy lifting with dangerous weights. However, Hypoxi is modernising the fitness space by utilising patented technology that improves blood flow and fat metabolism in your target areas, making it easier for your body to burn fat in those regions.

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Naturally reduce cellulite & firm your body

Change your skin

Hate the way your skin looks? No matter how much you exercise, your skin barely changes. But with our Hypoxi method, you are able to improve your skin tone and texture by reducing signs of cellulite.


Shape your figure and smooth your skin

With scientifically proven results The Hypoxi method was created by Dr. Norbert Egger, an Austrian sports scientist. He realised that fat was primarily burned in regions where there was greater blood supply. For several years, he focused on developing specially made exercise machines to enhance the body’s natural circulation to specific regions. This was the beginning of Hypoxi. Since then, scientific studies have taken place to determine the effectiveness of the Hypoxi method. Results were so great that Hypoxi quickly spread through 50+ countries and has now reached you and I in Newstead.


I lost a total of 63cm and went from a size 14 to 8! At the beginning, I was a bit sceptical at how a machine could help me tone & lose weight & cellulite but after just a few sessions I couldn’t believe how many cms I had lost! After completing 20 sessions with Hypoxi’s L250 machine, clean eating and some added gym work on non-Hypoxi days I lost a total of 63cm and went from a size 14 to 8!”

Lauren, Newstead

I’ve managed to gain energy and lose cellulite I've never been a fan of exercise and was always more or less overweight. After heading to my local HYPOXI studio twice a week, I've managed to gain energy and lose cellulite on top of a lot of extra weight.

Lotta, Newstead

I lost a total of 44cms from my problem areas With my wedding coming up in a few weeks’ time, after completing Hypoxi over the last 2 months I feel great and after my last dress fitting I feel even more excited. I lost a total of 44cms from my problems areas, the most from my waist, tummy and hips where I needed it most

Jaclyn Bulimba

Weight-loss Modernised

There has never been a more effective and holistic way to lose weight, especially in stubborn areas.
  • Reduce stubborn fat around your stomach, thighs, hips, and buttocks
  • Reduce signs of cellulite and improve your skin tone
  • Enhance the circulation of blood around your body
  • Detoxify your body by removing impurities
  • Boost your body’s metabolism to lose more fat naturally
  • Easy 30-minute sessions without heavy lifting
  • Feel rejuvenated and alive after your sessions
  • Drain your lymphatic system to remove toxins and excess fluid

Our 3-Step Hypoxi Method

step 1


Choose between 3 exercise machines which target different parts of your body.

step 2


Receive a meal plan designed by Hypoxi’s nutritionist for a holistic approach to weight-loss.

step 3


Combine exercise with Hypoxi’s patented technology to get faster results.

Specially designed machines to target your stubborn areas of fat and cellulite

The Full Hypoxi Experience



Target your lower body’s hips, thigh, buttocks, and stomach.

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Perfect for stubborn fat, cellulite, and fluid retention. Targets hips, thighs, and buttocks.

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Target your stomach and waist region with a pressurised chamber to stimulate blood flow.

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Fast-track your results by combining your other Hypoxi treatments with dermology.

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