Hypoxi Slimming Treatment - Hypoxi L250

Target your hips, thighs, bum, and lower stomach

The Hypoxi L250 at Hypoxi Newstead is the perfect exercise and weight-loss machine to target stubborn fat in your lower body region. Using a cycling motion in a specialised vacuum chamber, your lower body will be stimulated to improve circulation and metabolism for greater fat loss.

L250 Target Problem Areas

  • hips
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • lower stomach

I lost a total of 10kgs and 68cms Over 10 weeks of using the L250 I lost a total of 10kgs and 68cms. It totally firmed, toned and shed my fatty bits from my waist down, even my baby belly.

Siobhan, Bulimba

I am at the healthiest and happiest time of my life After completing 20 sessions with Hypoxi L250 machine, clean eating and some added gym work on non-Hypoxi days, I lost a total of 63cm and went from a size 14 to 8! I am at the healthiest and happiest time of my life

Lauren, Newstead

After only 6 sessions on the L250 I noticed a difference After only 6 sessions on the L250 I started noticing a difference in my shape, I was thrilled. The sessions are not over the top or exhausting but you walk out feeling like you have worked out, it’s an amazing feeling...

Casey, Bulimba

Hypoxi L250 for women

Our Hypoxi L250 machine is ideal for treating women who:

  • Have a pear-shaped body
  • Want to reduce signs of cellulite
  • Suffer from stubborn fat
  • Dislike going to the gym
  • Have a special event coming up

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Hypoxi L250 for men

Our Hypoxi L250 machine is ideal for treating men who:

  • Have an oval-shaped body
  • Want to tone and shape their legs and buttocks
  • Dislike lifting heavy weights in the gym
  • Want to cut and lose excess fat
  • Desire a toned and shaped body

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Why use the Hypoxi L250?

Are you struggling with stubborn fat in your hips, stomach, and butt region?

These regions are some of the hardest areas to lose fat from, especially when using traditional weight-loss strategies like weightlifting. However, the Hypoxi L250 uses patented technology to increase blood flow to these regions and naturally boosts the metabolism of fat to make targeted fat loss easy.

How does the Hypoxi L250 work?

In order for your body to burn fat in specific regions, the area must first be supplied with sufficient blood. When the circulation of blood in a certain area of your body is stimulated, it begins to remove fatty acids from that region.

The Hypoxi L250 uses a special vacuum chamber that our experts specifically program for your body before every session. This creates a rhythm of pressure that helps circulate your blood and boost metabolism to remove fatty acids from your hips, thighs, buttocks, and lower stomach.

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